How To Build Your Own Goal


How To Build Your Own Goal

Complete instructions on how to build your own backyard soccer goal
Thank you to Andrew Cassidy for this great idea!
Our kids (Audrey 2009G and Owen 2011B and their younger siblings) have been enjoying the Lonestar Virtual Academy, and are practicing throughout the week.  Thank you for putting this together!
We wanted to contribute a plan for a sturdy backyard soccer goal (attached PDF).  This has been great fun for the kids and definitely helps get them outside, fight the cabin fever, and keep up their skills.  The plan is:
  • simple (an afternoon project)
  • strong (Dad can shoot on it too)
  • inexpensive (~$50)
  • can be scaled up or down for larger or smaller goals (we have also built a 4' version)


Click here to view the PDF in a new window.

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