Building an Idea of Culture


Building an Idea of Culture

Learn more about soccer culture and build a culture of your own.

The purpose of this assignment is to encourage your player to designate time to research and learn about the culture of a club that they can follow and have a spirit of pride in, as well as building a culture within their own soccer environment.


Select a professional club from any professional league in any country. This can be a team that you are a fan of, or a team your player is familiar with. If unfamiliar with a club, research the top leagues across the US(MLS), UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Argentina, Brazil, or any country of your choosing.


Part 1: Club History 

  • Research the following facts of your chosen club

    • Location and year founded/ origin story of the clubs founding 

    • Leagues and cups played in/won

    • Famous managers 

Part 2: Players 

  • Research 6 famous players from the club’s history

    • Top Scorer

    • Top goalkeeper 

    • Other Club Legends 

      • What separates these players from others?

    • Select one of these club legends and research the following. ( Can be a single-player if the player was international star rather than club legend i.e. Mia Hamm). 

      • What was that player’s position(s)?

      • What was that player’s nationality?

      • What was that player’s pathway (clubs throughout his/her youth career). 

      • Did that player play internationally? 

      • Moments of success and adversity in career.

    • Select a player from their current roster

      • What is that player position(s)?

      • What is that player’s age and nationality?

      • What was that players pathway (clubs throughout his/her youth career) 

      • Has that player played internationally? 

    • Watch highlights of this player or at least 2 full matches of this player and reflect on their strengths and weaknesses. 

Part 3: Big Games 

  • Research the club’s history for meaningful games in the club’s history. This can be important victories in cups or to gain promotion or games that have relegated them or broken their hearts. 

    • Try and watch at least one of the games if possible. If not find the statistics of at least 3 of these games. 

      • Who were the key players? 

      • What were the important moments of the game(s)?

Part 4: Club Philosophy 

  • Does your club have a specific philosophy or mission?

  • How would you describe your club’s style of play?

    • Attacking

    • Defending 

    • Why?

Part 5: Success and Adversity 

  • What are some moments of success for the club?

    • How do you think the club, players, or fans respond to their success?

  • What are some moments of adversity the club has gone through (relegation/losses/etc.)

    • How do you think the club, players, or fans respond to their adversity? 

Part 6: Club Culture 

  • Culture can be defined as “the actions, attitudes, and behaviors that characterize a particular group or organization”.

  • The culture can be reflected in the style of play, in the songs the fans sing, in the shield and badge of the club. 

  • How would you describe the culture of the club?



  • What would you like your team culture to be like?

  • How can your actions influence the culture at your own team’s training?


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